Sneak Peek {Shala}

Hambrick Family (27 of 357) copy 4Another cute family, near a very cute door where I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately. It’s amazing to me that it doesn’t matter where you take your pictures it is the family that brings so much personality and difference to your pictures. That’s the way it should be! It has just been easy to compare these last two photo shoots and how different they are from each other because they were taken 24 hours from each other. Hambrick Family (61 of 357) copy 2My daughter and Shala’s daughter are very good friends at school, so my daughter enjoyed seeing me edit pictures of their family this past week. I played around doing a lot of different things to these pictures, Above is a fun “vintage” look and then a beautiful high contrast black and white of their little dude. I’m a sucker for black and white pictures. If there is a certain look you are looking for, like vintage, sepia, b/w and so many others please let me know before the photo shoot that this is what you are looking for, I would love to do it for you.

Hambrick Family (73 of 357) high contrast copy 5I cracked up when this little dude pulled rock star hands out of no where. I feel lucky I captured it! I had to add this pic of him and his dad.

Hambrick Family (69 of 357) copy 2Hambrick Family (119 of 357) copy 3

Hambrick Family (268 of 357) copy 2

Wish I could remember what was so funny at the time.

Hambrick Family (280 of 357)


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