Practicing with My New Camera

I have the best husband in the world! He took note that I love taking pictures, and pictures of my family no less. He saw how I would often become frustrated with my blurry pics, and how can you not when you have three children constantly moving around. So for my birthday he surprised me with my beautiful camera, a DSLR. I was and still am in heaven for this blessed gift.
I don't think he realized how much I loved this gift let alone use it every week since I've received it. It's been a wonderful hobby, a creative outlet, and a challenge for me to one day conquer.
Thanks B.
So here's to the first of many shoots!




I love this pic of little C. It depicts his personality and the stage he was in at the moment. Whenever he sees a flower he immediately runs to me and hands me the flower. I've often wondered about this kind gesture, where did he get it from. I didn't teach him, and why do flowers remind him of me? How very sweet.



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